Operation Round UP

Operation Round UP

Operation Round Up is a great way that our members give back to our communities directly.  By rounding up their bill to the next dollFoundation Check Mercy Medical Clinicar, thousands of Canoochee EMC members have helped contribute over $1 million since we first began the program in 2001.

How Does It Work?
Canoochee EMC bills of participating members are automatically "rounded-up" to the nearest dollar. For example, if your bill is $104.52 you will pay $105.00 with the 48 cents going directly to the Canoochee EMC Foundation. The average member who contributes ends up giving about six dollars a year. It's small change that changes lives.

Ferst Foundation Grant Operation Round Up

 How Is The Money Used?
 Requests for assistance from The Canoochee EMC Foundation are evaluated and awarded by a separate board of directors,  made up of nine volunteer leaders from our own community. The Canoochee EMC Foundation, Inc is a state chartered, non-profit  organization and any small administrative costs are absorbed by Canoochee EMC. Rest assured, 100% of your contributions  goes to make life better for our community.

 How Do I Join?
 Member-Owners of Canoochee EMC are automatically included in Operation Round Up. If you decide not to participate, or if you  chose to discontinue your contribution at any time in the future, simply contact the office of Canoochee EMC

What Are The Benefits of Operation Round Up?
If all 15,000 Canoochee EMC member-owners participate, approximately $90,000 will be “rounded up” each year! These funds can be used to purchase emergency medical equipment, further education, provide hot meals to the elderly, buy equipment for the handicapped, or to fill a host of other needs in our community.